In todays video Kouvr pretended to be a random girl to see how I would act, Patrick almost misses the school bus, Calvin and Patrick recreate a scene from Batman, I surprise Michael with a mural in his room, I prank Vinnie during his 24 hour live stream, and Tana reacts to my new house.

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we should not have done this...


  • Alex Warren
    Alex Warren4 måneder siden

    OH ALSO, I recorded a clip explaining this but I forgot to put it in, If y'all didn't know David Dobrik has painted countless murals on his friends walls and I got that idea from him!! Just want to make sure everyone knew that incase it wasnt obvious:)

  • Pricila Lopez

    Pricila Lopez

    3 måneder siden

    @Lone Tardigrade oki

  • Lone Tardigrade

    Lone Tardigrade

    3 måneder siden

    Of course you did, you got everything from him.

  • Leaver Hearn

    Leaver Hearn

    4 måneder siden

    Oh thank you

  • Pricila Lopez

    Pricila Lopez

    4 måneder siden

    @Maggie Dee ok 🤧😅

  • Maggie Dee

    Maggie Dee

    4 måneder siden

    That isn’t surprising.......

  • butterflies 27
    butterflies 27Dag siden

    I swear if u touch another gril ur gonna die -kovur 2020

  • Dixie and charli damelio fan
    Dixie and charli damelio fan2 dager siden

    i do not know what nickta is talking about

  • Carla Allen
    Carla Allen3 dager siden

    Kouvr has two sides a 🥰 side and a 👺side

  • Sarah Kabbashi
    Sarah Kabbashi7 dager siden

    0:55 - got me cracked up

  • Kristin macnamaira
    Kristin macnamaira10 dager siden

    i do honey hahaha lol

  • Lawrya Gomez
    Lawrya Gomez15 dager siden


  • Kathryn Kehr
    Kathryn KehrMåned siden

    Michael and Vinny‘s friendship is everything!

  • Hannah Childs
    Hannah ChildsMåned siden

    Karen alert

  • *insert cool user name*
    *insert cool user name*Måned siden

    No I don't know who is Shawn Cody is

  • Dinorah Hart
    Dinorah HartMåned siden

    I do and I'm ten

  • • Noelle • NoRMal •
    • Noelle • NoRMal •Måned siden


  • Alicia Bodhnarain
    Alicia BodhnarainMåned siden

    "B!tch did you just touch her"😭😭😭😭😭

  • Fayth Spero
    Fayth SperoMåned siden

    I wish I can meet you guys even Tana

  • priscilla gurule
    priscilla guruleMåned siden


  • Itsyourgirlkatelina Cha
    Itsyourgirlkatelina ChaMåned siden


  • Shelssey Gurrola
    Shelssey Gurrola2 måneder siden

    Cover is so cute I’m a girl ok not a boy🥰

  • kristen pierce
    kristen pierce2 måneder siden

    What did you learn from this.? not to touch girls for heads LoL

  • Billy Brewer
    Billy Brewer2 måneder siden


  • Nevaeh Greenbaum
    Nevaeh Greenbaum2 måneder siden

    What I really don’t know what that is because I am only ...... 13

  • Caelynn Neary
    Caelynn Neary2 måneder siden


  • Chris Chavarria
    Chris Chavarria2 måneder siden

    I think Shawn and Cody from talyer friends

  • Sonia Sanchez
    Sonia Sanchez2 måneder siden

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  • Aubrey Fordyce
    Aubrey Fordyce2 måneder siden

    No I don’t

  • Lee Gonzales
    Lee Gonzales2 måneder siden

    i do not know who he is

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    Jace Wheeler2 måneder siden


  • Munchies M
    Munchies M2 måneder siden

    Who is Shawn Cody

  • Mainly Piper
    Mainly Piper2 måneder siden

    2:21 is kouvr like Alex’s MOM too. My respect for kouvr: 📈📈📈

  • Samantha Games
    Samantha Games2 måneder siden

    Why does Nikita look like my grandma but younger 😀✋

  • HoneyBar
    HoneyBar2 måneder siden

    Everyone knows who Shawn Cody is

  • Doras Roblox
    Doras Roblox2 måneder siden

    Alex tip.... DO NOT TOUCH OTHER GIRLS OR YOU DIE-speech from Kouvr

  • sukha singh
    sukha singh2 måneder siden

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  • Nat Nat
    Nat Nat2 måneder siden

    1:39 *batman* 1:41 *batman is a little girl screaming now*

  • Dion Hari Wibowo
    Dion Hari Wibowo2 måneder siden

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  • Lyla Ann Mckittrick
    Lyla Ann Mckittrick2 måneder siden

    Ha you are so funny

  • Natalie Tomasino
    Natalie Tomasino2 måneder siden

    I know what nikita was talking about

  • Natalie Tomasino
    Natalie Tomasino2 måneder siden

    When Calvin screamed oh my gawd😂

  • Jenna
    Jenna2 måneder siden

    I wish your videos were longer

  • Sofia Elshamy
    Sofia Elshamy3 måneder siden

    You should tell tana to quit hitting on all the guys in the house

  • Brynna Nevol
    Brynna Nevol3 måneder siden

    I do not know who Shawn Cody is

  • farah almukhaini
    farah almukhaini3 måneder siden

    ILove you so much guys

  • Multifandom❤️
    Multifandom❤️3 måneder siden

    Not all superheroes wear capes some losers do too😃👍

  • Brielle Barnes
    Brielle Barnes3 måneder siden

    Why dass neketa where that

  • Kirishimas_Pebble
    Kirishimas_Pebble3 måneder siden

    Alex: Touches forehead Kouvr:*Pulls nerf gun from under seat* BITCH DID YOU JUST TOUCH HER?!

  • Tinley Card
    Tinley Card3 måneder siden

    I am a BIG fan

  • sunshine YT
    sunshine YT3 måneder siden

    Just Micheal eating spaghetti while singers roast vinnie

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    Farah Ail Al Mukhaini Al Mukhaini3 måneder siden

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  • SadieBogie Gaming
    SadieBogie Gaming3 måneder siden

    Kouvr: "What did you learn from this?" Alex: "N-n-not to touch girls' foreheads" Kouvr: "Or you die" 💀😂

  • Mia
    Mia3 måneder siden

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  • Alisson Esquivel
    Alisson Esquivel3 måneder siden

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    Heather Clark3 måneder siden

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    Kenna 243 måneder siden

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    aidamarakey3 måneder siden

    hope whoever sees this has a positive future : ))

  • Gunnar Rúnar Gunnarson
    Gunnar Rúnar Gunnarson3 måneder siden

    Me staring at Hulu in the tv ;-; 3:14

  • Ireland Henderson
    Ireland Henderson4 måneder siden


    CS_ SLEEPY4 måneder siden

    who the f is shawn cody

  • Richard Holding
    Richard Holding4 måneder siden

    I have memorised all of the ending song

  • cali mclaughlin
    cali mclaughlin4 måneder siden

    i know who he is

  • Isabella Morales (Student)
    Isabella Morales (Student)4 måneder siden

    🤛🗣👊 🗣

  • Isabella Morales (Student)
    Isabella Morales (Student)4 måneder siden


  • Team Valor
    Team Valor4 måneder siden

    i can imagen a drunk girl doing that

  • Dayana Galeano-Choy
    Dayana Galeano-Choy4 måneder siden

    shanw is a singer

  • Swaggdupazn1
    Swaggdupazn14 måneder siden

    gee, putting a mural in someone’s room...... this is the first time i’ve seen this!

  • Adi Lusiana Yavaca
    Adi Lusiana Yavaca4 måneder siden

    Calvin punches board: screams aa awa Also Calvin: i mean ohh

  • L o l a B o y d
    L o l a B o y d4 måneder siden

    If the outro his song I love it 🥰

  • Raylee Sisson
    Raylee Sisson4 måneder siden

    I’m surprised how I lost my virginity before Calvin 🤪🤪🤪🤪😆😆😆😆

  • Lily Hart
    Lily Hart4 måneder siden

    Alex: “She thinks your hot” “oh did I make it awkward

  • choxi
    choxi4 måneder siden


  • Heidi Hardebeck
    Heidi Hardebeck4 måneder siden

    Who the fuck is Sean Cody?!

    KAYLI LARA MELENDEZ4 måneder siden

    marry her

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    Isiah Ramirez4 måneder siden

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    Makayla Edwards4 måneder siden

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    Ella Flo4 måneder siden

    What if you guys did a video of you guys trying to not cuss for 24 hours

  • CG Phantom
    CG Phantom4 måneder siden

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    heartless cian4 måneder siden

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    Aliya Abney4 måneder siden

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    GraySkye 854 måneder siden

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    Lexie4 måneder siden

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  • Fin's Fun Tiktoks
    Fin's Fun Tiktoks4 måneder siden

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  • Fin's Fun Tiktoks

    Fin's Fun Tiktoks

    4 måneder siden

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    Josslynn Hardman4 måneder siden

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    Teriyana Murray4 måneder siden

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    Ben Henderson684 måneder siden

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  • Lillian Brewer
    Lillian Brewer4 måneder siden

    Kouver: so what did you learn from this??!! Alex:not to Touch girls for heads?! Kouver: oR yOu DiE!!🔪

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    jxdn.4 måneder siden

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  • Faded
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