we got married.

we got married.
In todays video my girlfriend Kouvr and I got married.

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  • Mathea Vlogs
    Mathea VlogsDag siden

    No one: Alex: laughing the whole time during the wedding not even paying attention💀😭

  • Reaghan McCrea
    Reaghan McCrea2 dager siden

    4:00 I couldn’t breath💀🤚🏼

  • JustKate
    JustKate3 dager siden

    Did anyone realize that jack wright was crying maybe because of the speech or something else see for ur self @ 2:40

  • Shelssey Gurrola
    Shelssey Gurrola3 dager siden

    This is my wife 😂

  • Jackie boozer
    Jackie boozer3 dager siden

    Am I the only one that noticed it said wife and not girlfriend in the intro.

  • kherington lingard
    kherington lingard4 dager siden


  • Mara Mason
    Mara Mason5 dager siden

    Ok but its scary because this is probably what your real wedding is going to be like lol

  • Ela AHISKA
    Ela AHISKA5 dager siden

    Wait you said and this is my wife kovur on the intro

  • Dyl Duke
    Dyl Duke6 dager siden

    Did anyone els restart the entrow to make sure he said “AND THIS IS MY WIFE K0Ver

  • Macy McCulley
    Macy McCulley9 dager siden

    my friends are still asking what I’m doing and i still answer with:waiting on them to actually get married!!!!!

  • Zoe Chen
    Zoe Chen9 dager siden

    Ya posted this on my birthday Alex -_-

  • Shelbie Schaudt
    Shelbie Schaudt14 dager siden


  • Shelbie Schaudt
    Shelbie Schaudt14 dager siden

    Get real married

  • vanshika khemani
    vanshika khemani15 dager siden

    this wedding would literally be my dream wedding with all of my true friends

  • boop Marie 123
    boop Marie 12315 dager siden

    I fvcking JUMPED OUT OF BED when I heard WIFE I didn't read the title 🙃

  • Gia
    Gia17 dager siden


  • Firah’s World
    Firah’s World17 dager siden

    No one gon talk about the intro

  • Hannah Grayson
    Hannah Grayson18 dager siden

    why dont you get married . My dad waited 17 years and thats too long

  • Hannah Grayson
    Hannah Grayson18 dager siden

    i wish you actualy got married !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivanna Zambrana
    Ivanna Zambrana19 dager siden

    People in the comments be like: OMG they are so cute! 🥺🥰 Me: WTF did I miss!?!?!

  • storm logan
    storm logan19 dager siden

    How didnt I notice he say my wife journal in the inteo

  • storm logan

    storm logan

    19 dager siden


  • ·Tubbo & Tommy·
    ·Tubbo & Tommy·20 dager siden


  • Ella Saunders
    Ella Saunders21 dag siden

    Best wedding ever

  • NamanNBhatt
    NamanNBhatt21 dag siden

    does anybody notice that he said hi and this is my wife kovur

  • Bella Chancey
    Bella Chancey27 dager siden

    All the guys when Nikita walked down-👀👀👀👀👁👄👁👀👀👀👀

  • diana
    diana27 dager siden

    I loved how he said this my wife kouver

  • Jaylen Cortez
    Jaylen Cortez29 dager siden

    Did anyone else saw the intro and said “and this is my wife kover” (sorry if I spelled her name wrong)

  • Nora Navarro
    Nora Navarro29 dager siden

    I don’t think any one noticed but the beiging it says girlfriend but it said wife I don’t think any one noticed lol

  • Melia Minkel
    Melia Minkel29 dager siden


  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor GonzalezMåned siden

    Ahhhh dude jst keeps getting better 😂but wasting a joint every 7 videos 😂

  • Isaac Miles
    Isaac MilesMåned siden

    Who is the flower girl

  • Turtle In the ocean
    Turtle In the oceanMåned siden

    Alex should get covr a tiger

  • Braxton Dickson
    Braxton DicksonMåned siden

    You know the funny part at the start patrick kept the can straight up and didn't spill it

  • Damien Shortt
    Damien ShorttMåned siden

    Calvin and Patrick are literally 5 year old girls. They like playing dress up

  • Brooklynbot33 TBNR
    Brooklynbot33 TBNRMåned siden

    I heard wife in the intro

  • Gracie Dayhoff
    Gracie DayhoffMåned siden

    The intro. 🥺🥺❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  • NRian Genide
    NRian GenideMåned siden

    Anybody know the song at the end of his vids?

  • evan
    evanMåned siden

    2:40 that didn’t age well….

  • Thomas Overbeck
    Thomas OverbeckMåned siden

    If they get married in real life one day no offense but the boys will make it so funny and shitty.

  • Lily Johnson
    Lily JohnsonMåned siden

    When Michael said the fat joke look at siennas face in the back 3:18

  • Ariana Archibeque
    Ariana ArchibequeMåned siden

    Next is mia and Thomas

  • Julie Magill
    Julie MagillMåned siden

    This was the best 5:28 seconds i have ever spend on anything

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle JacksonMåned siden

    I thought this dude was closeted

  • Lalmalsawma Hnamte
    Lalmalsawma HnamteMåned siden

    Nikita walking there is no tomorrow

  • Mariam Moussa
    Mariam MoussaMåned siden

    Omg congratulations 🎉🎈🍾🎊

  • princess. M
    princess. MMåned siden

    Nikita out brided the bride ahahahahah😂🤣🤣😂 love you niksssssss

  • Kasanita Tuipulotu
    Kasanita TuipulotuMåned siden


  • Max Max
    Max MaxMåned siden


  • kevin c
    kevin cMåned siden

    wow they both got fat

  • kevin c
    kevin cMåned siden

    how anybody watch this goof?

  • Jaylen Fryson
    Jaylen FrysonMåned siden

    So funny

  • Joanna Balakut
    Joanna BalakutMåned siden

    When it says wife 🥺

  • amelie :3
    amelie :3Måned siden

    Nikita living her best life as a victoria secret model.

  • Mahmoud Rostom-محمود رستم
    Mahmoud Rostom-محمود رستمMåned siden

    ياريت تسمعوا اخر تراكه ليا على قناتي ويشرفني اشتراكوا وتفعيل الجرس لكل جديد ♥ noprojects.info/camera/video/pquvhc2Yn4ZmnGo

  • Mahmoud Rostom-محمود رستم
    Mahmoud Rostom-محمود رستمMåned siden

    ياريت تسمعوا اخر تراكه ليا على قناتي ويشرفني اشتراكوا وتفعيل الجرس لكل جديد ♥ noprojects.info/camera/video/pquvhc2Yn4ZmnGo

  • Mahmoud Rostom-محمود رستم
    Mahmoud Rostom-محمود رستمMåned siden

    ياريت تسمعوا اخر تراكه ليا على قناتي ويشرفني اشتراكوا وتفعيل الجرس لكل جديد ♥

  • Gabrielle Hird
    Gabrielle HirdMåned siden

    are you guys still doing the reality tv show 'hype life'?

  • Bobba Edits
    Bobba EditsMåned siden

    I CANT WAIT FOR HIM TO SAY hi I’m Alex this is my wife kovur and these are my kids

  • Tiffany Mendoza
    Tiffany MendozaMåned siden

    Jack looks like Austin from Austin and Ally

  • Molly Palfini
    Molly PalfiniMåned siden

    The beginning plane scene tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jazzlyn Lopez
    Jazzlyn LopezMåned siden

    Wait so are they actually married???

  • jordan roser
    jordan roserMåned siden

    Oh my god! This is amazing!

  • Sakshee Borse
    Sakshee BorseMåned siden

    Alex please get married more often! It's fun😂

  • Brittany Shaw
    Brittany Shaw2 måneder siden

    Yay there married now

  • TT And Ny Playz Roblox
    TT And Ny Playz Roblox2 måneder siden


  • alex Combest
    alex Combest2 måneder siden


  • RyanPlayz
    RyanPlayz2 måneder siden

    this is my wife kouvr

  • Kristy Oakes
    Kristy Oakes2 måneder siden

    I swear I think Connor is smarter than that

  • XD
    XD2 måneder siden

    0:28 Listen how he says Wife.

  • Sarah Sanchez
    Sarah Sanchez2 måneder siden

    when I listened to your intro WHAT DID HE JUST SAY K0VUR WAS

  • Monique Santos
    Monique Santos2 måneder siden

    wait in alexs intro it said and this is my wife

  • Mxri’s Anger
    Mxri’s Anger2 måneder siden

    I love how Patrick didn’t drop his coke tho

  • Ilosch 06
    Ilosch 062 måneder siden

    Kouvr looks literally so happy

  • Fav color is brown Aesthetic
    Fav color is brown Aesthetic2 måneder siden

    He said wife !!!!!!!!!😂😂🤩🤩

  • Random Edits
    Random Edits2 måneder siden

    Great now do it irl

  • Sophia Marin
    Sophia Marin2 måneder siden

    istg when the first part of the video was playing i was dead laghing on the ground on floor at school-

    ADIBA MUKRI2 måneder siden

    Damn the intro really was THIS IS MY WIFE KOUVR

  • Chiara Castelluzzo
    Chiara Castelluzzo2 måneder siden

    I love how he said this is my wife in the intro

  • Estelle
    Estelle2 måneder siden

    If you got registered by that marriage place wouldn’t they be married forever and they said that paper flowers but you know it’s a 24 hours

  • Jessie Dixon
    Jessie Dixon2 måneder siden

    I hope you have a good wedding

  • Mia Baeza
    Mia Baeza2 måneder siden


  • Doozydoesgfx
    Doozydoesgfx2 måneder siden

    kouvir said, imma eat 7000 calories a day for 2 years

  • Victor Lay
    Victor Lay2 måneder siden

    its crazy how this is already a month ago

  • Raphaelle Ganino
    Raphaelle Ganino2 måneder siden

    Flower girl Covered in 🌸

  • Raphaelle Ganino

    Raphaelle Ganino

    2 måneder siden


  • Lacey Martin
    Lacey Martin2 måneder siden

    This is how we imagined this XD

  • Weird Scorpio
    Weird Scorpio2 måneder siden

    I Love how Alex put" hi my name is Alex and this is my wife kouvr "

  • Bartley Family
    Bartley Family2 måneder siden


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    Morgan Imperial2 måneder siden


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    Millie Lynch2 måneder siden

    “This is my wife kouvr” 🥺💗

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    Camille Cardenas2 måneder siden


  • Feona Alfred-Augustin
    Feona Alfred-Augustin2 måneder siden

    What did you say your wife at the starting

  • Ella’sVideos
    Ella’sVideos2 måneder siden

    I really hope they know, none of them are even remotely funny

  • Glorielys Robles
    Glorielys Robles2 måneder siden

    i will actually love seeing u two get married

  • Glorielys Robles
    Glorielys Robles2 måneder siden

    when are u actually going to her

  • Kelcey-leigh
    Kelcey-leigh2 måneder siden


  • Lauriane Mlk
    Lauriane Mlk2 måneder siden

    Jeeeeeez I wish I was friend with you omg you guys are just enjoying life right now and that's beautiful, you seem soooo happy 🥺✨🤗💕

  • Ava Upham
    Ava Upham2 måneder siden

    Lol🤣 the start

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    brittana 10.0k2 måneder siden

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    its almost 2am and i have school tomorrow and im watching his vids

  • KarNage Gaming
    KarNage Gaming2 måneder siden

    omg best vid ever