In todays video I teach Tana Mongeau how to drive and she almost crashed my car, Paper becomes a mime, Michael becomes a delivery driver and breaks my window, Michael, Vinnie, Calvin and Pat play last man standing in the back of a van, and Kouvr and I have a huge announcement.

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  • Alex Warren
    Alex Warren4 måneder siden

    YES, I do realize this video is 4:20 seconds long. NO i didn’t do that on purpose lol.

  • XX_fidgets_Xx Bye be nice and kind

    XX_fidgets_Xx Bye be nice and kind

    28 dager siden


  • Chelsea Keeton

    Chelsea Keeton

    2 måneder siden

    I didn't realize until I seen the comment but idk I just love ur videos

  • Nora Sofie Bjørnseth

    Nora Sofie Bjørnseth

    2 måneder siden

    @millrd NO 4:20 seconds

  • Sophie Russell (Student)

    Sophie Russell (Student)

    3 måneder siden

    Ummm it’s ok that it’s only 4:20 seconds long

  • Taryn Maurer

    Taryn Maurer

    3 måneder siden

    @Shauna Jenseirs uh

  • Jazmyne Romero
    Jazmyne Romero9 dager siden

    I don’t think that Vinnie and Patrick are going to have kids after that😂

  • Graham Nethery
    Graham NetheryMåned siden

    This dude is really gonna look back on his life and say, "I made videos directed at children who don't know better" what an inspiration. 👏

  • Abigail Clapperton
    Abigail ClappertonMåned siden

    Me: waiting for them to actually get married and nobody believe them xx hahah

  • Kimberly Villegas
    Kimberly VillegasMåned siden

    “You can’t put a price on friendship”-kouvr

  • Argie & Popoy

    Argie & Popoy

    Måned siden

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    Adie bengkel

    Måned siden

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  • Roblox Journey
    Roblox Journey2 måneder siden

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    Lavinia Seminara2 måneder siden

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  • nurelengh isak
    nurelengh isak2 måneder siden

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  • Davin studio
    Davin studio2 måneder siden

    in the title -almost crashed ! - no shit 😂😂😂😂

  • Hazrd Rose NYC
    Hazrd Rose NYC2 måneder siden

    Tana’s first time driving with YOU!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yoltzin Valenzuela
    Yoltzin Valenzuela3 måneder siden

    Is anyone still standing!?!?...uh yeah...Okay let’s change that 3:25

  • Sophie Russell (Student)
    Sophie Russell (Student)3 måneder siden

    I love your videos

  • Addy’s Vlogs My Bro
    Addy’s Vlogs My Bro3 måneder siden

    How many NOprojectsrs are going to make a video saying Tana’s first time driving

  • Eric Gutierrez
    Eric Gutierrez3 måneder siden

    Dang tana needs to choose

  • TJ rehcratS
    TJ rehcratS3 måneder siden

    Missed Opportunity: He should of let Tana drive the van with the boys in the back!!

  • TJ rehcratS
    TJ rehcratS3 måneder siden

    I haven't watched any of his videos for a while but I just noticed his views aren't anywhere close to the amount he was getting, did something happen to cause that?

  • Jarraine Apangalook
    Jarraine Apangalook3 måneder siden

    Tana does know how to drive

  • Aubrey Memoji!
    Aubrey Memoji!3 måneder siden

    Is tana your sis?

  • Fahmida Showkat
    Fahmida Showkat3 måneder siden

    tell me why patty looks like vinnie

  • Gracie aesthetic🥰
    Gracie aesthetic🥰3 måneder siden

    I love kouvr she’s sweet

  • Kaitlynn Kennedy
    Kaitlynn Kennedy3 måneder siden

    Jay je wet worth call 877 cash now Calvin if uk 💀 💀😂😂

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    Carmen3 måneder siden

    Why does Michael like to break windows so much😂😂😂

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    Glossy Dolls Roblox3 måneder siden

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    Khloe Stewart3 måneder siden

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    Pickle MasterCard3 måneder siden

    Subscribe to technoblade

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    Chloe Cloud3 måneder siden

    Alex just marry the girl

  • Rashed AlQahtani
    Rashed AlQahtani3 måneder siden

    “ why the fuck are you filming with them I thought we were the film crew” Alex: you are the film crew😂

  • Rashed AlQahtani
    Rashed AlQahtani3 måneder siden

    Stick to only fans🤣🤣😂

  • Teygan Moore
    Teygan Moore3 måneder siden

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    Ethan Kleiner3 måneder siden

    0:38 this dude literally has a knockoff dom in his video no fucking way

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    Rafael Esparza3 måneder siden

    He literally is trying to be you know who

  • Jeniflurxo


    19 dager siden

    The fact that he’s photoshopped the thumbnail to look like the Tesla from tanas video with you know who 🙄🙄🙄

  • 𝙄𝙩𝙨𝙪𝙠𝙞


    2 måneder siden

    Trying to be like who? 🤳🏽

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    Just watched Jeff’s Barbershop. Haha this kid is a douche

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    Ok Alex you need to get Kouvr to pet a baby lion! like in the intro. lol if you do, i will try to dye my hair pink!

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    how many times is this going to be Tana's First time driving video....this bish has been driving.

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    Al Caprella4 måneder siden

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    levina4 måneder siden

    tana: "im outside in an amg" alex: "stick to only fans"

  • levina
    levina4 måneder siden

    alex: "do u know what the gas and the break is" tana: "listen now ik"

  • xxiiMoonz Tingziix
    xxiiMoonz Tingziix4 måneder siden

    Tana Mongeau Is Getting Greater And Greater By The Seconds

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    Brisa Montes4 måneder siden

    Alexs make vines see this ok good vines twerking skills tho 🥵

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    Roxy Roller4 måneder siden

    How many videos made on tana’s first time driving! Lol several you tubers to say the least. 🙄

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    bella4 måneder siden

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  • Michelle Bowers
    Michelle Bowers4 måneder siden

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  • OKAY Y

    OKAY Y

    Måned siden

    I find it so irritating sometimes 💀

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    Antonio Anderson4 måneder siden

    You can’t put a price on friendship(even though it was probably $100)- Kouvr

  • k
    k4 måneder siden

    i seen tana then i seen the video was 4 minutes and 20 seconds 😭

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    Brian Velasquez4 måneder siden

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    Stacy Inscoe4 måneder siden

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    Angeel4 måneder siden

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    T Joffe4 måneder siden

    How many first times driving can a person have?!

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    Alex it is my birthday on Monday, February 1 i’ve watched every single one of your videos so I just wanted to tell you

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    0:10 the best advice you will ever get your welcome

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