Kouvr Has Been Hiding This From Me...

Kouvr has been hiding this from me...
In todays video Kouvr reveals her deepest secret, I lose $1000 to Vinnie Hacker, We make dry ice experiments and scare Paper, I prank Michael with a fake vocal coach, and Tana confronts Patrick...

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  • Julia Cassivi
    Julia Cassivi3 dager siden

    “Im coming out.....with music” Ngl thought u were telling us u were gay before u said music

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  • Halle R :3
    Halle R :36 dager siden


  • Parrapa The Rapper
    Parrapa The Rapper9 dager siden

    The quick team immunohistochemically destroy because gauge contextually wrap per a woebegone engineering. sassy, spotless crab

  • Tia DeLima
    Tia DeLima11 dager siden

    She got Karl jacobs mercy :D

  • harper wixom
    harper wixom 13 dager siden

    I cut my finger open while watching this 😘

  • Lily Sarjoo
    Lily Sarjoo15 dager siden

    I love how Alex calls kovur honey all the time

  • Draco.Malfoy’s _Darling
    Draco.Malfoy’s _Darling23 dager siden

    “hunny” 🥺

  • Kiana 123
    Kiana 123Måned siden

    the funny thing is that the thing that the screaming thing that the "vocal coach" was doing is an actual vocal warm up and we do it win choir and before performances

  • Ava Baxendale
    Ava BaxendaleMåned siden

    Love your videos so much you are so funny

    𝙰𝙻𝚈𝚂𝚂𝙰 𝚅𝙻𝙾𝙶𝚂Måned siden

    I’m the 1000ᴛʜ comment

  • Jordan Brauer
    Jordan BrauerMåned siden

    Kouvr jacobs 😌

  • Nicholas Fejeran
    Nicholas FejeranMåned siden

    It’s like the fuckin war

  • Mia Garza
    Mia GarzaMåned siden

    They are part of Netflix ooooops

  • Graham Nethery
    Graham NetheryMåned siden

    This dude is really gonna look back on his life and say, "I made videos directed at children who don't know better" what an inspiration. 👏

  • Sean Vore
    Sean VoreMåned siden

    This was the best 4:43 minutes of my life

  • ▪︎Elliote♡
    ▪︎Elliote♡Måned siden

    Alex called klover hunny🥺🥺🥺

  • Georgia Games
    Georgia GamesMåned siden

    Love this 🤣

  • laffytackoya
    laffytackoyaMåned siden


  • Lillian Lieng krajan
    Lillian Lieng krajanMåned siden

    The frog lol😂

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    Pog.Måned siden

    The Karl Jacobs merch 💀💀💀

  • Lilianny Toledo

    Lilianny Toledo

    Måned siden

    omg YESSSS

  • ltzel
    ltzelMåned siden


  • Lila Bailey
    Lila BaileyMåned siden

    Alex:I don’t think it’s going to blow *3 seconds later it blows* *Next scene* Alex:science is cool Michael:yeah,but I don’t know how I failed it 3 times 😂😂😂

  • Georgia Denniston
    Georgia DennistonMåned siden


  • Jake Hull
    Jake HullMåned siden


  • Ashely Aldrich
    Ashely AldrichMåned siden

    Hi I have questions

  • Charley Cruz
    Charley CruzMåned siden

    Love u guys holy shit and the chicken scared the shit out of me lol

  • kawena kealohilani jumawan
    kawena kealohilani jumawanMåned siden

    "i dont think its going to blow up" *blows up*

  • Lillian Ramirez
    Lillian RamirezMåned siden

    Yessssss me to

  • pamela
    pamelaMåned siden

    ok so why is science so boring in school BUT IN YT ITS SO COOL WTF-

  • *hxoney_lemon!*
    *hxoney_lemon!*Måned siden


  • Ruby Forsgren
    Ruby ForsgrenMåned siden

    So excited for the music alex! It will be bomb!!

  • Brydie Killeen
    Brydie KilleenMåned siden

    Why does Alex go so out of his way just to do the most random stuff.

  • Caitlyn Wenzon
    Caitlyn WenzonMåned siden

    I thought he was going to say n coming out gay

  • Emma Stevens
    Emma StevensMåned siden

    i love you kouvr

  • Caroline Payne
    Caroline PayneMåned siden

    Is it just me or is kouvr and Alex the cutest couple ever and kouvr is my fav

  • Clint Ramsey
    Clint RamseyMåned siden

    Cool videos Alex man and loved your interview with Logan Paul podcast some real life advices you said

  • Its ToolBag
    Its ToolBagMåned siden

    whats the song at the end

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    Luis CabreraMåned siden


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    I think I’m obsessed💀

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    MS. Wrlddd2 måneder siden

    They said chicken and Patrick said “quack quack”😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Ughit’sJujuAgain
    Ughit’sJujuAgain2 måneder siden

    I feel bad for their neighbors 😅😬

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa2 måneder siden

    The frog hoodie reminded me of Karl👏

  • Sadie Povinelli
    Sadie Povinelli2 måneder siden

    Me: sitting in my room bored Alex: we found the frog 💀

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    King free music2 måneder siden

    their basketball sucks i can beat em

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    sunshine YT2 måneder siden

    The fact that there was a frog tho

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    Kassi Gibson2 måneder siden

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that kouvr put a frog in her hoodie pouch😳

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    Caleb Rothemund2 måneder siden

    Your videos are the best man

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    antonino saccomanno2 måneder siden

    It might be me but I would ship Patty and Tana

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    Done I love your video

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    Alex is the dad with 20 2 year old kids

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    E Burdick2 måneder siden

    Your the funniest people ever

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    Gerrit Jan Baarssen2 måneder siden

    Where is nick

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    Charlotte Louise Evans2 måneder siden

    Can you do another collaboration with Charli PLS

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    Worried Guan224 games2 måneder siden

    1:37 Xb

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    Ariana Asrin2 måneder siden

    I don't think anybody is interested in the house except for Alex and Kouvr's room🤣😂

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    There was a actual frog

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    Kayli Marie2 måneder siden

    aww papuper looked so innocent taking the trash out

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    Bellalove20022 måneder siden

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    Tysha Mirasty2 måneder siden

    pls make vidddd

  • Tomboy743
    Tomboy7432 måneder siden

    Alex: I’m coming out- Me: omg I support you🥺. Alex: with music. Me: aww- oh 😅

  • Elanur C
    Elanur C2 måneder siden

    I'M JUST MISSING NICK, RYLAND N CHASE ... were are the good old days :(

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    sophia schuster2 måneder siden

    You should post more.

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    Cheater- boohoo2 måneder siden

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    Isabella Maravilla2 måneder siden

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  • Alexandra Parker
    Alexandra Parker2 måneder siden

    I pretended that Michael was singing Happy Birthday to me. God, I am so weird....

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    Title:kouvr has been hiding something from me The beginning of the video Bieng micheal: Me:oh fuck the hell not

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    These videos always make my day u should post more often

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    Rayyan Motiwala2 måneder siden

    Tell me why this went 5 directly overhead and I had to piece it together by watching it 20 times and reading 50 comment

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    Erin Woodford2 måneder siden

    the way that the mcyt fandom has been summonsed from kouvr wearing the karl frog hoodie

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    Mango Play Music2 måneder siden

    I was dead when I heard, "Shh, the adults are talking." I love your videos, you have no idea.

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    Paper: I'm going to do the right thing and throw out the garbage.

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    Deep Music2 måneder siden

    “Congratulations to anyone who arrived early; if you're reading this, consider yourself lucky."

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    Best Twitch Moments2 måneder siden

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    Best Twitch Moments2 måneder siden

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