Alex Warren

Alex Warren

NOprojectsr and Foot Model... i’m also scared of seaweed

we got married.

we got married.


  • Reema Alahmad
    Reema Alahmad20 timer siden

    10 hours ago

  • spellbooks
    spellbooks20 timer siden


  • nichole hickey
    nichole hickey20 timer siden

    so proud of you

  • dais. chars
    dais. chars20 timer siden

    It really makes sense when one of your family members have past

  • Aimee bailey
    Aimee bailey20 timer siden

    This makes me happy because I lost my dad and it would be nice to say 1 more I LOVE YOU

  • tutu Johnson
    tutu Johnson20 timer siden

    I can't finish the video without crying

  • Davis Orr
    Davis Orr20 timer siden

    me: "I was impatient and looked at Alex's dms on uniid.Lol that made me cry" later: I should not have done that I hope the situation changes

  • Family Advocate
    Family Advocate20 timer siden


  • shannon rose
    shannon rose20 timer siden

    i knew i was going to cry omg

  • Danielle Reyes
    Danielle Reyes20 timer siden


  • Family Advocate
    Family Advocate20 timer siden

    Who’s the lil dude?

  • _rosina_ peasah
    _rosina_ peasah20 timer siden

    I may or may not have just balled my eyes out😭

  • Maria Caroll
    Maria Caroll20 timer siden

    I’m in love with this song so proud!

  • Sarah Josey
    Sarah Josey20 timer siden

    It’s take a lot of courage to show painful memory in great detail. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  • Hello Me
    Hello Me20 timer siden

    This made me cry so madly

  • anna-lee nash
    anna-lee nash20 timer siden

    who tf is cutting onions

  • Suspect
    Suspect20 timer siden

    I can’t take his lip singing serious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • sway boys hype house and more fann
    sway boys hype house and more fann20 timer siden

    i am SOBBING 😭😭💞💞 i love the song and i am so proud of uu alexx

  • Le.f4g
    Le.f4g20 timer siden

    Plz I’m crying wtf

  • Santiana Atencio
    Santiana Atencio20 timer siden

    really I miss it I'm so mad but I love the song so much like it crazy I know Alex could sing but blow me away love it so proud of u Alex

  • Maddie Briere
    Maddie Briere20 timer siden

    I lost my father when I was 13 and this song has brought me to tears. Thank you for the beautiful song and for giving people this beautiful way to release emotion

  • Katelyn K
    Katelyn K20 timer siden

    I love it made me cry

  • Amanda Andradre
    Amanda Andradre20 timer siden

    Oh my god, I love this song!!!

  • Katies Fun House
    Katies Fun House20 timer siden

    This is such a beautiful song of how you were so brave with telling us this because this is always hard to say to other people. You have a very bright future and keep moving forward. Your on the way to secede. Stay positive and move forward.

  • Brooke Cole
    Brooke Cole20 timer siden

    My favorite song ever this hits different🥺

  • Lyudmila Katsarova
    Lyudmila Katsarova20 timer siden

    Wow, why am I crying

  • Ella Miller
    Ella Miller20 timer siden


  • izi easy
    izi easy20 timer siden

    i love this

  • Jasmine Shellnut
    Jasmine Shellnut20 timer siden

    Omg dude u are so good and also im sorry for u loss😫😫😥

  • Madeleine Yang
    Madeleine Yang20 timer siden

    Your acting is soo good it literally made me cry 😩

  • KatieWells
    KatieWells20 timer siden

    Omg Alex this is truly beautiful

  • Julia Amon
    Julia Amon20 timer siden

    This is amazing

  • Jesus Christ Is Love
    Jesus Christ Is Love20 timer siden

    Y am I crying? I thought I would be able to take him seriously but …I was so wrong 😑

  • Avalee Jones
    Avalee Jones20 timer siden

    when i tell you i cried i mean it the song was so good and thank you for sharing it with us!🤍

  • Madeleine Yang
    Madeleine Yang20 timer siden

    One when I say I got goosebumps, this so good!!

  • Elizabeth Guthrey
    Elizabeth Guthrey20 timer siden

    To the 524 people that disliked this song: SCREW YOU!!!!! ( im family friendly lol dont worry :')

  • Yohanna C Briones
    Yohanna C Briones20 timer siden

    It hits hard 😞

  • Emily Kilmon
    Emily Kilmon20 timer siden


  • Stephanie Velasquez
    Stephanie Velasquez20 timer siden

    This is such a great song and with such a beautiful meaning.

  • C0VRTTI _
    C0VRTTI _20 timer siden

    This song is beyond powerful my prayers go out to you Alex💕

  • Savannah McMuffin
    Savannah McMuffin20 timer siden

    Im not really a fan of the hype house but i do like Alex and Kouvr. this is so beautiful congratulations dude!

  • Bernardette Hernandez
    Bernardette Hernandez20 timer siden

    I’m saving this for my funeral song

  • GS - 03SE 858529 SouthFields Village PS
    GS - 03SE 858529 SouthFields Village PS20 timer siden

    yess alex

  • Kimberlybtsfan
    Kimberlybtsfan20 timer siden

    Sheeeeeeeesh alex this song is so good

  • Astro
    Astro20 timer siden

    Thai song is absolutely beautiful and so moving, hands down the best song made my a TikToker and I’m more then certain your music carrier is gonna get a lot better

  • Khai Mahase
    Khai Mahase20 timer siden

    this is gonna get on trending

  • abby ackah
    abby ackah20 timer siden

    no cap,but i started crying

  • Sottus
    Sottus20 timer siden

    The 1st song that made me cry in 5 or 6 years. A fuc*ing masterpiece

  • YouForgot2Flush
    YouForgot2Flush20 timer siden

    Wow had know idea you could actually sing!

  • Ghenwa Ramadan
    Ghenwa Ramadan20 timer siden

    This is truly one of the best songs I’ve listened to!! You did an amazing job, it hits deep with so many people!! 💕

  • sadness_ back_
    sadness_ back_20 timer siden

    POV you are Alex ...

  • ingeborg gade
    ingeborg gade20 timer siden


  • g
    g20 timer siden

    Only like my 10th time watching love u so proud of u My dog died about 2 months ago and we got another dog while we had her and I did not hang out with her as much bc the dog we got was still a puppy and I didn’t say I love u as much and so if she came back I would be so happy and she died when I was at school so it is and was tough

  • Christa Semaan
    Christa Semaan20 timer siden

    keep goinnngggg🔥

  • Savannah Ducote
    Savannah Ducote20 timer siden

    i love this song.

  • Randomizer Mode
    Randomizer Mode20 timer siden

    You look like Lewis Capaldi 👀

  • Queen La’Shea
    Queen La’Shea20 timer siden

    9 days before Father’s Day he drops this🥺 I lost the only father I ever known at the age of 6 this really hits home🥺💔🕊

  • Lydia Joyce
    Lydia Joyce20 timer siden

    You deserve this Alex your dad is smiling down at you I just know it.❤️ please be proud of yourself

  • GlossyCutie
    GlossyCutie20 timer siden

    Bruh i just found this from wacthing a vid about them 2 flirting XD

  • Caroline Williams
    Caroline Williams20 timer siden

    Use this as an “I’m proud of Alex” button

  • Georgia Adam
    Georgia Adam20 timer siden

    Amazing song. So powerful. Loved it ❤

  • nyafrompluto :p
    nyafrompluto :p20 timer siden

    tears. literal tears.

  • Annie Moore
    Annie Moore20 timer siden

    Hi Alex, if you even see this…. I lost my older sister last July my only blood sister and I have felt everything you say you felt too. Obviously it’s different losing a sister vs a dad, but I get it and I’m sorry! Have a great day

  • aryssa seymour
    aryssa seymour20 timer siden

    omg, Alex! Im so proud of you this song is so amazing I literally cried

  • K-Krazy
    K-Krazy20 timer siden

    This is ALEX??? Holy crap you can sing and this song is amazing

  • Jay Jay spirit
    Jay Jay spirit20 timer siden

    Wow 😥 that is wow omg I feel bad for you but at the same time time I know how you feel because I'm still at a young age now but when I was four me dad died to so I wish you luck on finding a way out of the trap of family members who died gets you in. 😥😖☺

  • Samantha Haughton
    Samantha Haughton20 timer siden

    All I can say is wow and chills

  • Paeton King
    Paeton King20 timer siden


  • Sadie Sprague
    Sadie Sprague20 timer siden

    My absolute favorite song this year! You did amazing Alex way to go! ❤️ I just purchased it on iTunes and wrote a review!

  • Vd Mendez
    Vd Mendez20 timer siden


  • Ryan Rogers
    Ryan Rogers20 timer siden

    kinda slaps tho

  • Nicole Otto
    Nicole Otto20 timer siden

    Next lucas Graham

  • Averie Allen
    Averie Allen20 timer siden

    omg Alex, i’m so sorry

  • Rhys Norris
    Rhys Norris20 timer siden

    I love this song.. I can relate but I lost my brother instead... banger of a song

  • Nicole Whyte
    Nicole Whyte20 timer siden

    I actually cried Good job Alex 👏👏👏

  • Mia Redja
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  • Riley Renner
    Riley Renner20 timer siden

    I cried.

  • Lacon Herrington
    Lacon Herrington20 timer siden

    ahh I’m crying

  • sanne kerkdijk
    sanne kerkdijk20 timer siden

    chills man..... just freaking chills🥺